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Report Series
Industry Code

 Report Series  Report Price  Report Sample  Report Brochure & Details
U.S. Industry & Market $149 Sample US IM brochure
World Industry & Market $299 Sample WW IM brochure
U.S. Capital & Expenses $149 Sample US CE brochure
U.S. Advertising & Marketing $299 Sample US AM brochure
U.S. Consulting & Management $299 Sample US CM brochure

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  • Theatres Companies (NAICS 71111)
  • Dance Companies (NAICS 71112)
  • Musical Groups & Artists (NAICS 71113)
  • Other Performing Arts Companies (NAICS 71119)
  • Spectator Sports (NAICS 71121)
  • Promoters Arts & Sports w/ facilities (NAICS 71131)
  • Promoters Arts & Sports w/o facilities (NAICS 71132)
  • Agents/Managers of Artists & Athletes (NAICS 71141)
  • Independent Artists & Performers (NAICS 71151)


  • Museums (NAICS 71211)
  • Historical Sites (NAICS 71212)
  • Zoos & Botanical Gardens (NAICS 71213)
  • Nature Parks & Other Institutions (NAICS 71219)
  • Amusement & Theme Parks (NAICS 71311)
  • Amusement Arcades (NAICS 71312)
  • Casinos (except Casino Hotels) (NAICS 71321)
  • Other Gambling Industries (NAICS 71329)
  • Golf Courses & Country Clubs (NAICS 71391)
  • Skiing Facilities (NAICS 71392)
  • Marinas (NAICS 71393)
  • Fitness & Recreational Sports Ctrs (NAICS 71394)
  • Bowling Centers (NAICS 71395)
  • Other Amusement & Recreational Ind. (NAICS 71399)


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