(with Materials Codes)

  • Coal used in the production of coke (Code 21211001)

  • Mining and all other nonferous metal ores and concentrates (Code 21220015)

  • All other nonferrous metal ores/concentrates, incl. prec. metal (Code 21220016)

  • Iron and ferroalloy ores (tungsten, chromite, manganese, etc.) (Code 21220021)

  • Nonferrous metal ores (copper/mercury/vanadium/titanium/etc.) (Code 21220023)

  • Mining iron ore agglomerates, incl. pelletized/manganiferous (Code 21221009)

  • Mining iron ore agglomerates, incl. pelletized/manganiferous (Code 21221011)

  • Mining/quarrying of oth nonmet min (excl. fuels/kaolin/ball clay) (Code 21230002)

  • Nonmetallic minerals/earths, ground/etc., extenders/fillers (Code 21230003)

  • Other mining and quarrying of nonmetallic minerals (excl. fuels) (Code 21230007)

  • Crude nonmetallic minerals (limestone/clay/gypsum/talc/etc.) (Code 21230009)

  • Crushed and broken stone (cement rock, limestone, etc.) (Code 21231003)

  • Rough blocks used to produce dressed stone (Code 21231101)

  • Mining/quarrying of crushed/broken limestone (dolomite, etc.) (Code 21231200)

  • Sand and gravel (Code 21232002)

  • Sand and gravel (Code 21232003)

  • Sand (Code 21232005)

  • Clay, ceramic, and refractory minerals (Code 21232011)

  • Glass sand, all types (Code 21232200)

  • Kaolin and ball clay (Code 21232400)

  • All other crude chemical nonmetallic minerals (barite, etc.) (Code 21239001)

  • Phosphate rock (Code 21239200)

  • Mining and quarrying of chemical and fertilizer minerals (Code 21239301)

  • Sulfur (Code 21239303)

  • Bauxite (Code 22120020)


  • Dog and cat food manufacturing (NAICS 311111)

  • Other animal food manufacturing (NAICS 311119)

  • Paper (except newsprint) mills (NAICS 322121)

  • Paperboard mills (NAICS 322130)

  • Asphalt paving mixture and block manufacturing (NAICS 324121)

  • Asphalt shingle and coating materials manufacturing (NAICS 324122)

  • All other petroleum and coal products manufacturing (NAICS 324199)

  • Inorganic dye and pigment manufacturing (NAICS 325131)

  • All other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing (NAICS 325188)

  • Phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing (NAICS 325312)

  • Fertilizer (mixing only) manufacturing (NAICS 325314)

  • Adhesive manufacturing (NAICS 325520)

  • All other miscellaneous chemical product and preparation manufacturing (NAICS 325998)

  • Vitreous china, fine earthenware, and other pottery product manufacturing (NAICS 327112)

  • Brick and structural clay tile manufacturing (NAICS 327121)

  • Ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing (NAICS 327122)

  • Clay refractory manufacturing (NAICS 327124)

  • Nonclay refractory manufacturing (NAICS 327125)

  • Flat glass manufacturing (NAICS 327211)

  • Other pressed and blown glass and glassware manufacturing (NAICS 327212)

  • Glass container manufacturing (NAICS 327213)

  • Glass product manufacturing made of purchased glass (NAICS 327215)

  • Cement manufacturing (NAICS 327310)

  • Ready-mix concrete manufacturing (NAICS 327320)

  • Concrete block and brick manufacturing (NAICS 327331)

  • Concrete pipe manufacturing (NAICS 327332)

  • Other concrete product manufacturing (NAICS 327390)

  • Lime manufacturing (NAICS 327410)

  • Gypsum product manufacturing (NAICS 327420)

  • Cut stone and stone product manufacturing (NAICS 327991)

  • Mineral wool manufacturing (NAICS 327993)

  • All other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing (NAICS 327999)

  • Iron and steel mills (NAICS 331111)

  • Primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum) (NAICS 331419)

  • Secondary smelting, refining, and alloying of nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum) (NAICS 331492)

  • Iron foundries (NAICS 331511)

  • Steel foundries (except investment) (NAICS 331513)

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