(with Materials Codes)

  • Natural gas, natural gasoline, and isopentane (Code 21111002)

  • Natural gas used as a raw material (Code 21111013)

  • Crude petroleum, domestic (including lease condensate) (Code 21111102)

  • Butane (C4), at least 80 percent purity (Code 21111203)

  • Other natural gas liquids (including plant condensate) (Code 21111204)

  • Other chemicals and allied products (Code 32500068)


  • Petroleum refineries (NAICS 324110)

  • Petroleum lubricating oil and grease manufacturing (NAICS 324191)

  • Petrochemical manufacturing (NAICS 325110)

  • Synthetic organic dye and pigment manufacturing (NAICS 325132)

  • Carbon black manufacturing (NAICS 325182)

  • Cyclic crude and intermediate manufacturing (NAICS 325192)

  • Ethyl alcohol manufacturing (NAICS 325193)

  • All other basic organic chemical manufacturing (NAICS 325199)

  • Nitrogenous fertilizer manufacturing (NAICS 325311)

  • Phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing (NAICS 325312)

  • Fertilizer (mixing only) manufacturing (NAICS 325314)

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