2014USIMOCoverBarnes Reports provides cost-effective and timely studies on the largest manufacturing, retail, wholesale and services industries and consumer buying trends in the United States and the World. Based on our unique, proprietary economic models, Barnes Reports annually publishes hundreds of studies with the most current and accurate information on the largest U.S. and World industries and product lines. We are confident that Barnes Reports will greatly assist you in finding all the industry statistics and demographics you need in one place.

Barnes Reports Series

50 U.S. States
900+ U.S. Metro Areas

  • U.S. Industry & Market Report Series
    Economic Supply (Industries include Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Business Services, Health Care, Finance, Insurance, Education)
  • U.S. Product & Retail Report Series
    Economic Demand (Durable & Non-Durable Product Lines Sales through Retail Industry Channels include Groceries, Apparel, Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Automobiles, Hardware, Office Supplies, Sporting Goods)
  • U.S. Product & Services Report Series
    Economic Demand (Services/Functions through Service Channels include Accounting, Advertising, Legal, Health Care, Real Estate, Engineering, Publishing, Computer, Consulting, Investment, Product Resale, Gifts & Grants, Entertainment & Sports)
  • U.S. Materials & Manufacturing Report Series
    Production & Consumables (Materials/Consumables through Manufacturing Industries include Food, Textile, Wood, Paper, Chemicals, Petroleum, Metals, Fabricated Metal, Nonmetallic Minerals, Plastics & Rubber, Computer & Electronics, Transportation, Machinery)
  • U.S. Capital & Expenses Report Series
    Investment & Spending (Average cost of materials, capital expenditures (buildings, machinery, computers, depreciation), HR expenses (payroll, health insurance, retirement/pension plans), & other expenses (expensed equipment, repair/maintenance, advertising, taxes)
  • U.S. Jobs & Wages Report Series
    Human Resources (Average Wages & Salaries by job title for hundreds of U.S. industries includes executives, management, administrative, sales, finance, production, transportation, health care, technical, repair/maintenance, retail, etc.)
  • U.S. Businesses & Opportunity Report Series
    New Ventures & Investment Opportunities (Ranking 45+ retail, service and health care industries on the best locations to start a new small business or invest for future growth. 32,000+ U.S. zip codes are ranked by largest populations, population growth, proportion of wealthy families, aggregate family incomes, consumer spending power, consumer spending growth, industry sales per capita, industry growth by zip code.)

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina Australia, Canada, Mexico, etc.

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