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Barnes Reports annually publishes hundreds of unique reports of retail products with the most current and accurate data available.


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Global report-Price $950
We also offer portions of the Global report at lower prices:​
  • North America chapters-Price $450
  • European chapters-Price $450
  • Asis-Pacific chapters-Price $450
  • South America chapters-Price $450
Barnes Reports Industry Business Market Research World United States Analysis
Barnes Reports Industry Business Market Research World United States Analysis

(with Product Codes)

  • Kitchen appliances, parts, & accessories (Code 20301-20301)

  • Free-standing electric ranges (all household types, including apartment house type) (Code 20301-3352211301)

  • Built-in electric ranges (including single oven, two ovens and surface cook tops) (Code 20301-3352211302)

  • Microwave ranges and ovens (including combination microwave and electric ranges) (Code 20301-3352211305)

  • All other electric and electronic ranges and ovens (Code 20301-3352211306)

  • Parts and accessories for household electric ranges and ovens (including burners, rotisseries, etc.) (Code 20301-3352211307)

  • Standard free-standing gas ranges and ovens, built-in installation (including apartment ranges) (Code 20301-3352213112)

  • Nonstandard gas ranges and ovens (including wall hung, slide-in or drop-in) (Code 20301-3352213119)

  • Surface cooking tops, gas (one or more burners) (Code 20301-3352213121)

  • All other gas household ranges, ovens, hot plates, and surface cook tops (Code 20301-3352213123)

  • Parts and accessories for gas household ranges and ovens (including burners, rotisseries, oven racks, etc.) (Code 20301-3352213190)

  • Gas fuel or both gas and other fuel barbecuers, grills, stoves, braziers, etc. for outdoor cooking  (Code 20301-3352215111)

  • Solid fuel (including charcoal, wood, coal, etc.) barbecuers, grills, stoves, braziers, etc. for outdoor cooking  (Code 20301-3352215113)

  • All other outdoor cooking and other portable cooking equipment (Code 20301-3352215117)

  • Parts and accessories for outdoor and other portable cooking equipment (Code 20301-3352215190)

  • Household refrigerators, including combination refrigerator-freezers (Code 20301-3352221100)

  • Household food freezers, complete units (Code 20301-3352222100)

  • Parts and attachments for household refrigerators and freezers (Code 20301-3352223100)

  • Food waste disposers (Code 20301-3352285111)

  • Dishwashing machines (Code 20301-3352285121)

  • Parts for electric water heaters (Code 20301-3352285141)

  • Parts for nonelectric water heaters (Code 20301-3352285151)

  • Parts for dishwashing machines (Code 20301-3352285161)

  • All other parts for major household appliances (Code 20301-3352285171)

  • Laundry appliances, parts, accessories, incl clothes washers & dryers (Code 20302-20302)

  • Washing machines, household laundry equipment, mechanical (coin-operated and non-coin operated) (Code 20301-3352240114)

  • Dryers, household laundry equipment, mechanical (incorporating heat), gas (non-coin operated) (Code 20301-3352240117)

  • Mechanical dryers (incorporating heat), electric (non-coin operated), household laundry equipment (Code 20301-3352240119)


(with Product Codes)

  • Mechanical dryers (incorporating heat), gas and electric (coin operated), household laundry equipment (Code 20301-3352240121)

  • Parts, accessories, and attachments for household laundry equipment (sold separately) (Code 20301-3352240190)

  • Other major household appliances, parts & accessories (Code 20305-20305)

  • Household vacuums, complete power units, central sys. type (Code 20305-3352121101)

  • Household vacuum cleaners, hand type (Code 20305-3352121103)

  • Household vacuum cleaners, upright-stick type (Code 20305-3352121105)

  • Other household vacuum cleaners, and floor waxing and floor polishing machines (Code 20305-3352106104)

  • Attachments and cleaning tools for household vacuum cleaners, including central system attachments (Code 20305-3352106111)

  • Parts for household vacuum cleaners, floor waxing machines and floor polishing machines (Code 20305-3352106113)

  • Household sewing machines and parts (including heads for sale with cabinets or cases, and heads) (Code 20305-333249F1R3)

  • Room air conditioners and dehumidifiers, excluding portable dehumidifiers (Code 20305-3334156100)

  • Small household appliances & personal care appliances (Code 20310-20310)

  • Electric fans, excluding industrial type (Code 20310-3352101100)

  • Small electrothermal appliances, including broilers, coffee makers, deep fryers, waffle irons, griddles, etc. (Code 20310-3352104101)

  • Small electromechanical appliances, including juicers, ice crushers, coffee grinders, portable air purifiers, etc. (Code 20310-3352104102)

  • Parts and attachments for small household electric appliances, including fans (Code 20310-3352105100)

  • Electric hand-drying apparatus (Code 20310-333318J494)

  • Televisions & related parts & accessories (Code 20321-20321)

  • Television receivers, including CRT, LCD, projection, plasma, LED, etc. (Code 20321-3343102100)

  • TV transmitters (Code 20321-3342202118)

  • Cable TV (master antennae and CATV equipment) (Code 20321-3342202143)

  • Closed circuit television systems (Code 20321-3342202144)

  • DVD/Blu-ray Disc players, recorders, camcorders, portable video players, e-book readers, & related parts & accessories (Code 20326-20326)

  • Reproduction of video recording media, including video discs, DVD, and video tapes (Code 20326-3346142301)

  • Video tapes (Code 20326-3346120303)

  • Other consumer audio and video equipment, portable digital music players, portable stereos/boom boxes (Code 20326-3343105124)

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