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Barnes Reports annually publishes hundreds of unique reports of services with the most current and accurate data available.


For more information on each report series, please find our report brochure and sample file.


You can purchase any of our reports with our convenient Paypal links. We also accept credit card orders by emailing us at


Significant discounts are available if you intend to purchase two or more reports. Email us and we will send you a quote for up to 50% off.

Additional formats (Excel files) are available by emailing us at


  1. Select your Format and Delivery option

  2. Input the Services Code for the report you want (list provided below)

  3. You will receive a confirmation email with your order information

Global Services & Markets report-Price $950
We also offer portions of the Global report at lower prices:​
  • North America chapters-Price $450
  • European chapters-Price $450
  • Asia-Pacific chapters-Price $450
  • South America chapters-Price $450
Barnes Reports Industry Business Market Research World United States Analysis
Barnes Reports Industry Business Market Research World United States Analysis

(with Codes)

  • Contributions, gifts, & grants – Government (Code 39900)

  • Gov contributions, gifts, & grants – National Endowment for Arts (Code 39901)

  • Gov contributions, gifts, & grants – All other fed/state/county (Code 39902)

  • Contributions, gifts, & grants – Private (Code 39910)

  • Private contributions, gifts, & grants – Individuals (Code 39911)

  • Private contributions, gifts, & grants – Foundations (Code 39912)

  • Private contributions, gifts, & grants – Business & industry (Code 39913)

  • Private contributions, gifts, and grants – Other (Code 39914)

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