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Barnes Reports has been a leading publisher of industry research and market analysis reports since 1998. 


Located in Bonita Springs Florida, we publish annual reports on global industries, manufactured equipment, product lines, and business services are an essential part of any business forecasting plan, competitive analysis or market sizing need.

Let us help you with your research efforts. We can provide custom research projects on even the most niche industries and products using our extensive report database.

Barnes Reports provides cost-effective and timely studies on the largest manufacturing, retail, wholesale and services industries in the United States and the World.


Based on our unique, proprietary economic models, Barnes Reports annually publishes hundreds of studies with the most current and accurate information on the largest U.S. and World industries and product lines. We are confident that Barnes Reports will greatly assist you in finding all the industry statistics and demographics you need in one place.

Industry Reports

Barnes Reports publishes hundreds of U.S. and Worldwide industry reports annually.


Other report series include: 

  • Global Retail Product Lines

  • Global Services Lines

  • Global Manufacturing Equipment 

  • Global High Tech & Emerging Markets

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Barnes Reports uses a unique methodology in developing its industry forecasting database. 


Since its database includes every industry defined by the U.S. Census, the industry data is analyzed both historically (longitudinal) and vertically (between industries).

Horizontal forecasting calculates trends over time. Vertical forecasting accounts for how changes in one industry impact another industry. For example, online shopping is displacing retail shopping. 



Barnes Reports also calculates forecasts using regression analysis. This method is a more accurate calculation process than other methods.


The final step in the forecasting process is examining each industry from the top down and the bottom up. "Top down" describes estimates that are based on national economic conditions and trends. "Bottom up" aggregates individual company changes and growth/declines.



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